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Rabbi Imanuel Ravad from comes to Stamford Hill

Date: 14 March 2017

Rabbi Imanuel Ravad from comes out strongly for Mikva education.
By Rabbi Y. D. SteinfeldLondon, 14/03/2017
Rabbi Imanuel Ravad has become a legend in our times, acting as a one-man-band he is championing and advocating for the holy Mitzvah of Mikva.  He is a man on a mission, with an unequal determination to achieve his goal of ensuring Mikva education for every Yid around the globe.  Rabbi Ravad, a Hebron-born Talmid Chochom is one of the first Talmidim of the Ponevezh Rov, Harav Kahanman ZTZ”L from the time when The Rosh Yeshivah arrived in Israel and later on served as his personal secretary.Forty years ago he launched his Mikva Mission, calling it “Mikva-Tikva” – Hope for Purity.Rabbi Ravad always finding a deeper meaning to this important pillar of authentic Judaism. He constantly refreshes his arsenal with new essays and stories to emphasise how immersion in the Mikva waters has many different levels of Kedushah and Taharah. His credo is: A better understanding makes the immersion more meaningful and so one has to take it really seriously – the way it was intended for us.By way of explaining this important Jewish law, he uses the analogy of someone who eats bread on a daily basis but still doesn’t know what it takes to bake it, or the one who tastes a good piece of meat but it doesn’t make him into a Shochet – ritual slaughterer.Rabbi Ravad has travelled the world, through Europe, North and South America and the Far East, spreading his message for revitalising Mikva for every Jew.  He argues with those who question his ambitious campaign: “The problem is not the lack of a Mikva, rather a chronic lack of Mikva education and awareness. Some communities are living in luxury homes with Olympic size swimming pools, they can afford to build their own Mikva – if only we invest in Mikva education”.It should be pointed out: unfortunately the majority of Yidden don’t observe the Halacha of Mikva, besides a large percentage that has never even heard about the concept.Rabbi Ravad is launching his new strategy, which he hopes to bring to the religious community: “It is impossible for one man to educate everyone!  Therefore: Ain Braira – there is no choice!  Each Mikva should spread the Mikva-message to both the affiliated and non‑affiliated.  By devoting at least the first 10% of the operating budget to Mikva education.   If for every item that we buy, 10-30% of the cost goes towards its promotion, Mikvas should charge likewise – not just for the water, soap and towels. The Mikva fee should include at least 10% towards Mikva education of every Yid.A meeting will be held this coming Sunday Parshas Vayakhel, 21 Adar – 19 March, at 8:30 in the evening.  Notable Askonim and Ba’alei Battim have been invited to the North London venue, which is the Mercaz Torah V’Chesed Shul, 73 Ravensdale Road, N16 6ST.  We also need local activists to spread the message of Mikva; call 00447947823743 for more information.Posted by Our Little Corner at 2:29 pm

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